ugly condos

Oppose Laveta Condos

As you may have seen, a developer is proposing construction of two large four story condos to the west of the Laveta Terrace stairs. I hope you will join me and your other neighbors in opposing the project.

Our Neighborhood:

  - does NOT need four story condos!

  - does NOT need another construction project!

  - does NOT need additional traffic!

Please use this website to learn more about the project.

Update 6/11:

Eastsider LA article
The hearing [yesterday] went pretty well! The permit was sent for further review to an advisory committee which is a good thing. The plans will be [further reviewed] and hopefully the result will be in our favor! Thanks again for the continued support. A community rallying together is a strong community and it is so cool to see.
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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out:

Laura Laubach
Laveta Terrace Resident